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There are five different variants of gold but the people are interested only in three variants which are 22K, 24K, and 18K. So let’s see the live today gold rate in Kumbakonam with the help of different charts & graphs.

So, the below-mentioned table is of 22 Carat Gold Price in Kumbakonam. Actually, 22 Carat gold is nothing but it’s 916 KDM gold.

22 Carat Gold Price in Kumbakonam

22 Carat Gold Rate in Kumbakonam1 Gram10 Grams
22 Carat Gold Rate Today in Kumbakonam₹4,995₹49,950
22 Carat Gold Rate Yesterday in Kumbakonam₹5,019₹50,190
Today's Price Change₹-24₹-240

24 Carat Gold Rate in Kumbakonam

24 Carat Gold Rate in Kumbakonam1 Gram10 Grams
24 Carat Gold Rate Today in Kumbakonam₹5,393₹53,930
24 Carat Gold Rate Yesterday in Kumbakonam₹5,419₹54,190
Today's Price Change₹-26₹-260

Last 10 Days 22 Carat Gold Rate in Kumbakonam

Date1 Gram10 Grams
26-Jan-2023 PMRs. 5,380.00Rs. 53,800.00
26-Jan-2023 AMRs. 5,380.00Rs. 53,800.00
25-Jan-2023 PMRs. 5,345.00Rs. 53,450.00
25-Jan-2023 AMRs. 5,345.00Rs. 53,450.00
24-Jan-2023 PMRs. 5,355.00Rs. 53,550.00
24-Jan-2023 AMRs. 5,355.00Rs. 53,550.00
23-Jan-2023 PMRs. 5,323.00Rs. 53,230.00
23-Jan-2023 AMRs. 5,323.00Rs. 53,230.00
22-Jan-2023 PMRs. 5,320.00Rs. 53,200.00
22-Jan-2023 AMRs. 5,320.00Rs. 53,200.00
21-Jan-2023 PMRs. 5,320.00Rs. 53,200.00
21-Jan-2023 AMRs. 5,320.00Rs. 53,200.00
20-Jan-2023 PMRs. 5,325.00Rs. 53,250.00
20-Jan-2023 AMRs. 5,325.00Rs. 53,250.00

Last 10 Days 24 Carat Gold Rate in Kumbakonam

Date1 Gram10 Grams
26-Jan-2023 PMRs. 5,649.00Rs. 56,490.00
26-Jan-2023 AMRs. 5,649.00Rs. 56,490.00
25-Jan-2023 PMRs. 5,612.00Rs. 56,123.00
25-Jan-2023 AMRs. 5,612.00Rs. 56,123.00
24-Jan-2023 PMRs. 5,623.00Rs. 56,228.00
24-Jan-2023 AMRs. 5,623.00Rs. 56,228.00
23-Jan-2023 PMRs. 5,589.00Rs. 55,892.00
23-Jan-2023 AMRs. 5,589.00Rs. 55,892.00
22-Jan-2023 PMRs. 5,586.00Rs. 55,860.00
22-Jan-2023 AMRs. 5,586.00Rs. 55,860.00
21-Jan-2023 PMRs. 5,586.00Rs. 55,860.00
21-Jan-2023 AMRs. 5,586.00Rs. 55,860.00
20-Jan-2023 PMRs. 5,591.00Rs. 55,913.00
20-Jan-2023 AMRs. 5,591.00Rs. 55,913.00

Gold Price Today in Kumbakonam 916 KDM

Quantity22K Gold Rate
10g₹ 53,800.00
8g₹ 43,040.00
4g₹ 21,520.00
2g₹ 10,760.00
1g₹ 5,380.00

In India as well as the global market 916KDM gold name is given because the purity of that gold is 91.67% out of 100%.

The gold ornaments are not made of 100% purity because they are manufactured by joining small pieces of gold designs. These small pieces cannot be joined by pure gold that’s why we’ve to add some copper and silver during the melting. When other metals are added to the actual gold then the quantity of gold in that ornament is 91.67% and the other 8.33% may be silver, zinc, copper, etc.

today gold rate in kumbakonam

99.9% Purity Gold Price in Kumbakonam

24K gold is also called 99.6% purity gold which is costlier than 22K gold because of the quantity of gold present in it. With the help of 24K gold, you can only make gold ornaments such as chains and Finger rings which don’t have joints also called “Vedha”. On this page, you’ll get a detailed and live 99.9% gold rate of today as well as of the last 10 days.

Difference Between 24K, 22K and 18K

Generally, the purity of gold is measured in Karat so, the higher the purity of gold higher is the price of gold. This classification is done based on the gold which is required or used during the manufacturing of gold ornaments.

Suppose you want to make a gold ornament such as a Necklace then the gold used during manufacture is 22K which is of 91.67% purity also called Hallmark gold. Some ornaments are also made using 18K gold but they are not too shiny because of the content of gold in them. If you want gold coins or a gold bar then 24K gold is the perfect choice for you, because there are no joints.

So Here’s a detailed guide for 24K, 22K, and 18K gold:

1. 24K Gold

In the Market, people think that 24K gold is full 100% pure but it’s not, Actually, it’s only 99.6% pure. There is no mixing of any metal in it that’s why it’s very shiny and attractive. The color of 24K gold is bold yellow and it’s very soft and it can be folded very easily that’s why it’s not used in making of Jewellery.

24K gold Is used in making gold bars and coins. As gold is a good conductor of electricity so, it’s used in electronic gadgets and some medical devices.

2. 22K Gold

Mostly, 22K gold is used in making gold ornaments as they are not easily breakable and last for a longer time. In 22K gold 22 parts comprises gold and 2 parts contain silver, copper, zinc, nickel, or other alloys. 22K gold is also called 91.67% purity gold hence they’re used in manufacturing ornaments. They make gold ornaments harder and gold becomes very durable.

3. 18K Gold

18K gold only consists of 75% gold and 25% remaining is the quantity of silver, zinc, and copper added in it. This type of gold is mainly used in the manufacturing of diamond jewelry and other kinds of stuff. The quantity of gold is less so they are also less expensive compared to 24K and 22K.

22K and 24K comes with purity marks on them but 18K do not have any specific marks or stamp on them. That’s why golden price India recommends you to buy gold ornaments that have hallmark signs on them. Some gold jewelers will give you such type of gold and that will be a waste of your money and time.

Gold also called yellow metal is always an attraction for most people in India. People almost are physically and mentally attracted to it. Nowadays, people are buying more and more gold because they think instead of carrying cash, a small quantity of gold is better to carry. So they convert all the cash into gold and wear it for daily purposes.

It’s also one of the types of investment because whenever anyone needs cash then they can sell that gold to a jeweler or take a gold loan from the bank. If the gold rate at the time of sell is greater than the price which was while purchasing, then it will be a great ROI for anyone.

Gold is the only metal that can help in times of fear and financial crisis. Gold is the only metal that can have unbelievable prices in bad as well as good times that’s why everyone prefers to buy gold and keep their cash safe and secure.

Supply, Demand, and investment trends are the key determining factors of gold rates. In India, the gold rates fluctuate due to any global movement or any global crisis. For example, In 2020 Corona Virus landed in India and lots of people died because of this virus. It was a global crisis that’s why the supply of gold was decreased and the prices of gold were too high.

During the festival seasons, the demand for gold rises suddenly and if the supply is less then the prices tend to rise and if there is enough supply of gold then gold rates remain constant.

Demand for Gold in Kumbakonam

Gold always remained one of the top attractions to the people of Kumbakonam that’s why Kumbakonam is also a key component in the boost of the gold market in India. Kumbakonam is also famous for the Jewellery making industries.

Most of the gold dealers in India are from Kumbakonam and Kumbakonam is also famous for the manufacture of Nose Pins, there you’ll find a large variety of nose pins. Most of the gold ornaments which are manufactured in Kumbakonam are supplied all over India as well as in the world.

Overall, South India encounters an appeal for gold. Kerala is at the top for gold utilization. Kumbakonam has positioned top all of the time among every one of the urban areas in India for its interest in gold. The interest for gold generally encounters a steep ascent in Kumbakonam.

Gold is wanted all of the time by Indian individuals in view of its worth and social significance. Indians truly do have a penchant to put resources into gold at whatever point they have cash accessible in their grasp.

Kumbakonam gladly gloats of the most extreme deal and acquisition of gold in India. Be that as it may, gold isn’t just bought as trimmings yet additionally as coins and others. The interest for gold has never fallen in Kumbakonam. Gold has been professed to be the main item that doesn’t get impacted by expansion.

The peoples in Kumbakonam are very excited about getting normal reports on the cost of gold. It has been seen that the cost of gold is increasing constantly day by day. The reexamined rates are constantly refreshed online so that normal people can also access it without having any stress.

Things to Remember before buying Gold Ornaments in Kumbakonam

Kumbakonam remains the main attraction for the various Jewellery shop owners and dealers because of its large gold manufacturing units. If you’re planning to buy gold in Kumbakonam then this information may help you before buying the gold.

Gold Price Change Awareness

The gold prices change every 1 hour in the market so, you must check the gold price in Kumbakonam on golden price today. Here you’ll get the live gold price in Kumbakonam so that you will be aware of the gold price during the purchase.

Some gold jewelers can charge you a higher rate than actual, that’s why you should check what rate he’s implementing during the purchase. In some areas the gold shop owners implement low gold rates than the actual rate, but instead, they charge higher making rates and make customers fool.

You should always check whether the gold ornaments provided by the jeweler are already hallmarked or not. The gold price of hallmark or 22K gold is less than the 24K gold. The hallmark is the sign that the gold ornament has undergone the various tests and it’s successfully passed and verified.

Most of the customers give their old gold in return to purchase new gold. In such a situation, they should check what rate the jeweler is implementing on your old gold. Actually, the rate implementation of old gold depends on your gold purity and the rates for the old gold are always 1000/- less than the current gold price per gram.

Paying For Everything By The Price Of Gold

Some gold ornaments contain some diamonds or colors carved in the designs in that case you should check whether the weight is of actual gold or includes diamond or color. If the jeweler is measuring gold ornament weight including diamond and extra black mani then you should ask them why you’re measuring the weight including diamond.

In such cases, customers don’t ask the jeweler that’s why take advantage of such a situation and make customers fool. Jeweler makes a profit and customer waste their money.

When you take that gold ornament with diamond and go to the jewelry shop to return old gold then they’ll remove those diamonds and give you cash only for measured gold. So be aware of such frauds.

Truth Behind Actual Carat

Actually previously what happens people were not well educated in the field of the jewelry market, so jewelers were taking advantage of this situation. They were giving 18K gold to customers instead of 22K, so to stop this practice Indian government started one law.

The law is that if the gold ornament is greater than 2g then it should be hallmarked and verified by the testing laboratory. If not then Government will take appropriate action against that jeweler.

So we recommend all our readers to always purchase hallmarked jewelry.

Making Charges

Making charges is the only source of income to all the Jewellers. They generate income by charging some amount per gram from the customers. There is one misunderstanding between customers that they think jeweler should charge them money only multiplying gold by present gold rate.

Suppose they buy 1g gold with the present gold rate of 4950 per gram. Then customers think that jeweler should charge 4950 from them. Now you tell me if they charge 4950 from you then what is the benefit of jeweler earned from this transaction?

That’s why don’t fight with jewelers regarding their making charges because they’ve already wasted their money on their employees who manufacture these gold ornaments by sitting day and night. These making charges are like a price for their efforts taken in manufacturing gold ornaments.

Buy Back of Gold Jewelry

Before buying jewelry from any shop first ask their return policies as they follow the 99:1 policy. They say that 99 percent of our customers don’t come back, but that’s not true. Also, take a word from that jeweler regarding the buyback of gold.

During the purchase of gold always keep in mind this gold is the only thing that can help you during financial weak conditions. That’s why always take a word from the jeweler that during the giving back the old gold you should get a good quantity of amount in that situation.

How to Find Reliable gold Price in Kumbakonam?

The goldsmith should be very honest and generally reliable to abstain from cheating in any capacity while purchasing gold in Kumbakonam. Kumbakonam is where the marking and prevalence of the item start things out and principal.

Kumbakonam is the only place where the branding of any product comes first. Everyone is in the competition with the other jeweler. Then again, you can likewise proceed with individual sales reps of gold yet be exceptionally guaranteed with regards to the quality and immaculateness of the gold prior to purchasing.

In Kumbakonam, you’ll really have a great deal of numerous gems plan choices as well as there is likewise the choice to redo any adornments plan as you wish and on your decision of choice.

While purchasing gold ornaments in Kumbakonam, you should be extremely aware of the gold rate today Kumbakonam in both situations. Staying alert with regards to the gold price is vital so you don’t get cheated by any jeweler.

How is Today Gold Rate in Kumbakonam Determined?

The change in gold rates in Kumbakonam depends on various factors. If the supply of gold is less and the demand is less then the gold price in Kumbakonam starts rising suddenly. It also depends on the tax duty that the Indian government, as well as the state government, imposed on gold.

India also imports gold from other countries that’s why the gold rates also depend on the interest taken by foreign countries.

Some Interesting Facts about Gold

  • The gold is the only metal which is yellow or golden in color. Other metal can also take yellow color only after oxidization or reduction reaction.
  • The Earth is rich in gold because before two million years some meteors that bombarded on our planet. This meteors come with the contains of gold in it.
  • In periodic table the name for the gold is “Au” which cames from the latin word “Aurum”. The word “Aurum” means “glow of sunrise” or “shiny”. The word gold is originated from German Language.
  • Nearly 40% of gold in India is not Hallmarked.
  • Until 1912 the gold medals were made from the pure gold. Nowadays, medals are not pure. It consist of 6 grams of gold and at least 92% of silver.
  • Gold is the only metal which do not corrode or rust. It also not form an oxide film on it’s metal surface after came in contact with the air.
  • The most precious and popular metal is Gold in terms of investment.
  • 1 ounce of gold can be converted into 8km of small gold wire.
  • Nearly, 0.2mg gold is consisted in the Human Body.
  • China is the Top producer of gold as of now.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How to calculate 22K Today Gold Rate in Kumbakonam?

Ans: It actually depends on how much gold rate that jeweler is implementing during the purchase. Suppose the Jeweler is implementing a gold rate of 4950 Rs per gram, then the calculation is as follows:

1 * 4950 + making charges where 1 is the weight of the gold. Making charges is the margin that gold jeweler earns behind every one gram sell of gold.

What is the reason behind the price hike in Kumbakonam?

Ans: The price hike generally occurs when there is less supply of gold from foreign countries and greater demand. The main reason for buying gold is not only the people’s attraction but the investment. Investment is the major factor behind the gold purchase. If you want to invest in gold then don’t buy 22K gold instead purchase 24K gold. You’ll get 24K gold in the form of gold bars and coins. These Coins and Bars are 99.6% pure and will give greater returns after some years.

How to calculate 18K Gold Rate in Kumbakonam?

Ans: 18K gold contains only 75% of gold and the remaining 25% is silver, zinc, copper, or any other alloys. 18K gold is used in the making of Gents or Ladies finger rings, Gold watches, etc. 18K gold is also available in the market, and is also attractive and yellow in color. But there is some risk in wearing this type of gold. If you have an allergy to nickel then wearing this gold your skin will start irritation.

How’s Today Gold Rate in Kumbakonam determined?

Ans: During the festivals in India like Diwali, Sankranti the gold price take a boost, and more peoples decide to purchase the gold on these days. People not only purchase gold these days but they also prefer to purchase gold on Akshat Tritiya. Goldsmiths in Kumbakonam arrange some discounts and prices for each purchase from their customers.

Due to high competition, all gold sellers invest more money into advertisements. Gold rates are also dependent on the concept of demand and supply. Gold Rates and inversely proportional to Supply and Demand.

Karat or Carat which is Correct?

Ans: Most peoples are a little bit confused between these two words Karat and Carat. Let me clear this doubt from your mind. Karat is the actual measuring unit of Gold. Carat is the measuring unit of Gems such as diamond, Natural Pearl, etc. 1 Carat is approximately equal to 200mg of weight.

How to check purity of Gold?

Ans: Indian Government has founded one organization called the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This organization investigates whether customers are getting real gold for which they’re paying for. In 2021 they make a compulsion for every Goldsmiths that every gold ornament which has a weight of more than 2g should be hallmarked. You should always check whether the gold triangle symbol of hallmarks is present on the ornament or not.

Sometimes instead of the hallmark sign, the 916 number symbol is present on the ornament that’s also correct.

Which Gold should I buy 22K or 24K?

Ans: Generally all the gold ornaments are made up of 22K gold. If you want to wear gold ornaments then go for 22K gold only. If you only want to invest your money in gold then invest it in 24K gold. 24K gold is 99.6% pure which you can buy in the form of Gold bars or coins. There is no other such difference between 22K and 24K.

Which country has cheapest Gold?

Ans: Hong Kong is the only country that has lower gold rates in comparison to others.

Is gold price same all over the country?

Ans: No each city has its different gold rates. It depends on in which state that city is and how much tax duty the state government is imposing. Here at the golden price today you’ll get the live price of each and every city and country.

Do you provide Gold Price Calculator?

Ans: Yes we’ve also provided a gold price calculator on our website. Here you can check and calculate gold Price.

What are Different Types of Gold Purities in Kumbakonam?

Available KaratsPurity Level
24 Karat99.6%
23 Karat95.6%
22 Karat91.6%
21 Karat87.5%
18 Karat75%
17 Karat70.8%
14 Karat58.5%
10 Karat41.7%
9 Karat37.5%
8 Karat33.3%


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